Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook is my Preference

Can you believe that Blogs are out-dated?! Well ... that's in my opinion anyway! With Facebook, I rarely write on the blog (hence the date of my last entry!). So allow me to first introduce you to "Like" BOTH of my spa and skincare pages on Facebook! "Spa & Esthetics Defined" on Facebook and also "Melissa June B., Skin Consultant" on Facebook. This is where you will find the latest updates of travel, spa info and education!

So since I'm on here, I may as well give a quick summary of updates of the past year! I'm still an adjunct faculty at Santa Barbara City College; they have made me "lead" esthetician (that's very nice of them). I LOVE teaching beginning estheticians and it's been 4 amazing years doing so!

I continued visiting spas and writing articles and I taught a spa writing workshop in Chicago for AWAI, the travel writer's association and that was one of my professional highlights this year!

I did really FUN consulting work for Guthy Renker and Meaningful Beauty and that was also a HUGE highlight (it seems the really good stuff started happening in the fall).

I started being a direct selling rep for NYR Organic, (thanks for the tip MOM!) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

AND ... I STARTED MY OWN ADVANCED AESTHETICS ACADEMY! It's called Santa Barbara Aesthetics Academy! I will post classes on here, but also Facebook! I'm so very excited about this venture!

And lastly, I am working on a writing project of a lifetime ... wish me luck ... more to come later!

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At 4:21 PM , Anonymous Ann Duke said...

Hi Melissa, I am the southern california regional educator for Rhonda Allsion. I currently have no plans to offer a class in Santa Barbara. Sunday March 25th I am offering a class on treating acne that will feature, facials, progressive & mid-depth peels with homecare. It will be held at a hotel in Orange County which is central to my territory. If we were able to market to your region and draw a class of 20, I might look at offering something. You can contact me at or 619-298-7401. All the best, Ann Duke


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