Friday, December 08, 2006

I have an article in the Independent!

Be sure to pick up an Independent this week -- I have an article on NOT giving cliche Christmas gifts! Gifts that would fall in the category of good, original and unique gifts are listed on my Gotta Have It list!:) One of my suggestions for a gift idea is of course the gift of rejuvenation -- gift certificates to spas! Happy Shopping! Share some of your favorite gifts that you received or gave to someone else!


At 12:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My best gift ever was when my mom put together a cookbook that contained all the recipes we loved growing up -- all the meals we always ask for when we go home -- so we can make them for ourselves or our families someday. There was a recipe for the cranberry bread we eat on Christmas AM, a stew dish my grandma always made but never wrote down the recipe, the spinach lasagna that we always served when we'd have friends over for a slumber party...

I know a lot of people do "compilation cookbooks" but this was cool b/c it was full of memories from growing up for both me and my sis :)

Kim Charles -- Chicago

At 12:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I actually have two gifts that were the best, The first - For my 60th (yes I had a 60th B day) birthday my children got together and took pictures of them selves in front of all the places we use to go when they were children, house, school, polo fields, etc, and then they each wrote me a letter, they put it all together in an alblum that had a cologe of great pictures on the front. It is one of my treasures.
The second is - Easter of 2002 my car broke down this was the 6th time this year. I would be unable to make it to my daughters house for dinner, and I had the golden egg. I called everyone and told them I couldn't make it, they called back and said no worry they would come to my house and bring the food. Well, they came up and my son handed me a plastic golden easter egg. I opened it and there was a set of car key's. Then he said go out and look in the drive way see what the Easter Bunny brought you. I could hardley make it out side, and there was this brand new Honda Passport SUV with a big red bow. He gave me a big hug and said, "Mom you have always been there for us kids and I always want to know that you are safe and have some reliable wheels". Needles to say the tears started and continued for most of the day. It was a hard gift to except, because I knew he couldn't afford such an expensive gift and that he would have to make a lot of sacrafices. Every day that I get behind the wheel of my car I feel the love of my family.
Joyce -- Santa Barbara


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