Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Buttercream Frosting!

Have you seen the Gotta Have It list on Spa Defined lately?? It is fantastic and has become one of my favorite projects. Since I moved to Santa Barbara I have fallen in love with all of the wonderful and unique products and shops unique to SB. It is so much fun to discover these products! Jaqua is a product line just added to my Gotta Have It list (the Jaqua founders and sisters -- Jennifer and Sara are pictured here); I could go on and on about their products! The scents are so yummy, but the ingredients in each lotion, body butter or shower syrup are SO good for your skin -- ingredients like ginseng and fruit extracts, Macadamia and kukui nut oil, Kaolin Clay -- just to name a few! One of my favorites is the buttercream frosting body butter; I also love the Rose Body Mist. I always recommend SB products for gifts -- Women especially LOVE to get SB gifts especially if they live where it is cold and snowy this time of year! Jaqua products have delightful packaging which resonates with the SB community. Check out my list for more thoughtful and wonderful SB gift ideas such as Sweet Love Chocolates and Sharon Bolton Scents!


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